Using Cost-Cutting Drywall Clips & Stops

Drywall fasteners are either clips or stops.  The sheet metal clips are fitted onto the edge of the drywall by hand as it is installed on wood or steel studs.  Stops, like wood blocking, are fastened to structural members before drywall installation. Drywall clips and stops support drywall or wood paneling at corners. They eliminate U-Boxes at ceiling joists and allow for two stud corners instead of the common three or four stud corners. Two stud corners not only help plumbers and electricians to snake wires and pipes, they also reduce heat loss by allowing uncut insulation to be installed behind the studding without the risk of un-inuslated cavities and cold corners.

At two stud corners, the stops are installed 16” o.c. at the top and bottom of the wall.  Then the first sheet of drywall is hung against the stops.  At top plates, the stops are installed 16” o.c. and at all corners and intersections.  The drywall is installed with the ceiling panels first, as usual.
Manufacturers claim $100 per 1,000 sq ft. of living space can be saved on material by using drywall clips and stops.