Building Products

Building yourself a new home, or have something more modest in mind? Whether it’s a shelving unit or that house you’ve always wanted, we can get you the materials and answers you need.
Building Supplies

Why do professionals come to us? They want expert advice, and quality supplies at reasonable prices.
Decking & Railing

Backyard barbecues, quiet afternoons and evenings, breakfast as the sun comes up. Do it all with a solid deck beneath you, and safe, attractive railings to make it complete.
Doors & Windows

How do you want to view the world? Frame things your way with windows and doors from our showroom.
Electrical & Safety

So much of electrical work stays behind the scenes, out of sight. But doing it right makes our lives functional, convenient, and safe.

The floor beneath our feet means so much, whether it’s new hardwood, stylish laminate or durable tile. We have something for every room and every mood.
Hand Tools

The feel of a quality tool gives you confidence that you can get the job done quickly and efficiently. And you know the right tool, chosen carefully, will work well and last a long time.

Everything you need to finish the perfect build is here. We help you get down to the nuts and bolts of any project, from, well, nuts and bolts to door and lock hardware, from shelving and storage to rope and chain, angle and bar steel to aluminum.

Kitchens are the settings for so much of your life. You want to make sure yours is warm, comfortable and functional.
Lighting & Fans

Let there be light. Light to fill your home and brighten your yard at night. The right lighting can complement the character of any home, and bring comfort and safety to your family or business.